What You Actually Need to Know about Diversity in LegalTech in 2021, and 7 Ways to Improve It

The synthesis is that we are making some gains, but very, very slowly.

If you can be a client, buy their products. If you can invest, write a check. If you know decision makers, make an introduction. If you’re on social media, share or like these companies’ posts. If you’re a journalist, write about or interview them. If you host a conference, invite them to speak (about their expertise, not about diversity). If you work at a law school, invite them to present to students. Commit to just one of these things in 2021 and collectively, we will make change.

  • Anu: a platform that connects underrepresented founders (minority, female and immigrants) to law firms that are mission minded and want to diversify their client pool. Contact Tiyani Mayoko (Co-founder, CEO) at tiyani@goanu.co for business development (law firms) or PR opportunities.
  • Athena: a service that empowering moms to collect the back child support that they are rightfully owed. Contact Simone Spence (Founder, CEO) at simone@athenacollects.com.
  • Casetext: an award-winning legal research platform that makes research faster and more accurate using advanced artificial intelligence. Contact Pablo Arredondo (Co-founder, Chief Product Officer) at pablo@casetext.com for business development, fundraising, or PR opportunities.
  • Courtroom5: an automated legal toolbox for the 30 million people in the U.S. each year who go to court without lawyers. Contact Sonja Ebron (Co-founder, CEO) at sonja@courtroom5.com for fundraising opportunities and connections to small/solo firms providing unbundled services.
  • Divorceify: a roadmap to your divorce — a customized action plan, an education, access to reliable resources, and vetted local professionals selected specifically for you. Contact Sonia Queralt (Co-founder) at sonia@divorceify.com for fundraising, business development, and PR opportunities.
  • Documate: legal document automation software to create powerful workflows that push data into your templates and forms. Contact Dorna Moini (Co-founder, CEO) at dorna@documate.org.
  • FairClaims: a user friendly online dispute resolution platform that promotes access to justice and civility. Contact Stephen León Kane (Founder, CEO) on LinkedIn here for business development and PR opportunities.
  • Gavelytics: finding insights and analytics about judges, litigants, and law firms on state courts using the power of AI and machine learning. Contact Juan Carlos Moreno (Co-founder, CTO) at jcrogel@gmail.com.
  • JusticeText: an audiovisual evidence management platform designed to produce fairer outcomes in the criminal justice system by expediting the review of body camera footage, interrogation videos, jail calls, and more. Contact Devshi Mehrotra (Co-founder, CEO) at devshi@justicetext.com to help with connections to public defense agencies, small-medium private criminal defense firms, law school clinics, and for PR opportunities.
  • Legal Equalizer: a multi-faceted app aimed at promoting positive police encounters through a more legally informed citizenry. Contact Mbye Njie (Co-founder, CEO)at mbye@legaleqapp.com.
  • ONE400: a law innovation agency that creates digital experiences that connect law firms and legal tech companies with people who need their services. Contact Allen Rodriguez (Founder, CEO) at allen@one400.com with business development opportunities and new talent/advisors.
  • Paladin: a law firm and corporate pro bono platform focused on increasing pro bono engagement and decreasing administrative overhead to increase access to justice. Contact Kristen Sonday (Co-founder, COO) at kristen@joinpaladin.com with fundraising and business development opportunities [yes, it’s me!].
  • PeopleClerk: a platform that helps pro se litigants navigate the California small claims process by helping file, serve, and prepare for hearings. Contact Camila Lopez (Co-founder, CEO) at clopez@peopleclerk.com with fundraising and PR opportunities..
  • Quiktract: any easy, affordable way to get your agreements in writing by creating simple, legally binding contracts that can be amended as needed to ensure everyone gets what they should from the work. Contact Blake Stanton (Co-Founder, CEO) at blake@quiktract.com to help with user feedback and business development opportunities.



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Kristen Sonday

Kristen Sonday

Co-Founder, CEO @JoinPaladin. Partner @LongJump. World traveller. Wine and chocolate lover.